We are proud of the fact that TVA INFRATECH LTD. offers a complete range on mosaic textures, Sizes, designs, murals, borders, and decorators, consultant organizations, ets....
The application of mosaics is unlimited for both exterior and interior use: building, homes, water bodies, churches and institutions Our glass mosaic tiles ranges to a variety of textures and sizes in CORAL & OPIO Series.. Our Mosaic are rich in design, vibrant in color, and beautiful in texture. TVA HOLDS A unique advantage of being the leader in the industry
Develop through Motivated Employees, a fast growing, multi-business, quality organization that consistently Offers products and services of the highest Standards with a significant presence in the international decorative building material industry.

To be the leader in the Glass Mosaic industry within the country and SAARC countries in terms of Sales, Profits and Managements practices.

We believe: That the customer is the primary focus of the company. In creating an environment, which cares for develops and nurtures each individual Employee. In striving for excellence in all areas of operations. In fair play and honestly in all dealing within and outside the organization. In leading by example and in consistently, practicing what is professed. In cohesive teamwork, a free flow of ideas, mutual respect and trust at all levels. We have a responsibility towards the society in which we operate. The New Trend-Glass mosaic tile is not just for waterlines anymore......
Glass Mosaics have had a very important part in the decoration and beauty of building throughout the ages of mankind. With the discovery of new forms of construction and texture, Mosaics are now, more than ever, an utmost decorative and functional element making the work more complete and attraction in most of the projects....